BandMgrX Documentation

I need to write some documentation for BandMgr so people can find out about some of the more detailed features under the surface. Things like how to back up your data, how to share data between devices, how to get a license, update your license, how to set up your email client, and about a dozen more things. I'm starting here.

1) Installing BandMgr on your Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPad
2) Using Dropbox, iCloud, or GoogleDrive to sync BandMgr between devices
3) Setting up your Email app and email address to work with BandMgr
4) Creating "FormLetters" to send personalized emails to venues and media outlets on your tour route
5) Configuring "Max Radius" searches to find venues and media outlets within "x" miles of a given point
6) Using the "SuperBrowser" to find the venue or media outlet's public email address and social media pages
7) Using the "Utilities Menu" to quickly enter and save venue and media outlet information, like address, email, website, and social media links
8) Using the Email tab to quickly send a personalized email to a venue or media outlet
9) Using the "Extras" tab to track booked gigs, To Do items, notes, and income or expenses.
10) Using the SuperBrowser to "tag" venues and nearby media outlets with social media photos, videos, and sound files to promote upcoming events
11) Using the SuperBrowser to access Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Voice, Facebook Events, and other websites you may use on a regular basis.
12 ) Using the "Utilities Menu" to copy your upcoming tour dates into a list you can paste into a Facebook status, onto another social media page, or onto your website.
13) Using the "Gig" detail screen to track more detailed logistics, income, and expenses
14) Using the "Notes" list as a To Do List for calls, emails, and sending out contracts or posters
15) Using the "Notes" list to help track income and expenses
16) In case of emergency, recovering from crashes, re-installing, etc.