2016-03-25 Arcata, CA

Friday March 25, 2016, 10:45am

Driving south from Arcata, CA this morning, back down Hwy 101 toward SF. We’ve got a few days off for the first time on a weekend for the whole tour. The gig at Redwood Curtain Brewing in Arcata last night was filled with astonishingly beautiful women, Sarah and I were both wide-eyed for most of the show. Humboldt State College definitely has plenty of beautiful people, and the brewery was packed with them, a whole group of six or seven of the most beautiful women were dancing right in the front for most of our first set, it was great. One particular woman walked in front of us and she had that perfect loose fitting open backed blouse that showed off the tattoo under her arm and Sarah called out “pay attention!” to me because she was even more attracted to her than I was, then she promptly messed up the next three or four bars, fiercely trying to maintain her passive "resting bitch face” of concentration, hahaha.

The gig was particularly cool in that 6 to 8 people who came were there specifically to see us after having seen us at Mad River Brewing on Tuesday. Most of them only stayed for the first set because the sound was not as good, the crowd was really loud and chatty and the room was the more typical brewery cement floor and corrugated metal high ceiling configuration that seems to eat up our sound system. The outdoor tent at Mad River sounded so great, it actually surprised me.