2016-03-16, San Luis Obispo, CA

Wed Mar 16, 2016, 6:30pm
San Luis Obispo, CA

We just set up and did a sound check at the Frog and Peach Pub in SLO, now we're resting a bit before the show. A late start time for us, 10pm, so it's a little out of the normal routine. We stayed in the Morro Beach State Park campground last night, got up and made breakfast on the camp stove. Last night we made cod, potatoes, asparagus, Sarah made a relish of sorts, it was very good. Eggs and vegetables in a tortilla this morning. We've been eating pretty well. Had lunch today in Laguna Lake Park here in SLO, sat in the sun a little too long, I got a little sun sick, but feeling better now after setting up the gear and drinking a bunch of water. A friend of a friend offered us a parking space outside his building so we're all set with a place to stay in town tonight which is great.

Yesterday was pretty great. It started around midnight on Monday night actually. Sarah got back lat from a date to go look at stars with her younger brother up in Malibu and I offered to drive us up to Morro Bay while traffic was light as I'd taken a 3-hour nap. She crawled in the back and slept the whole way and we made breakfast in the Morro Bay campground, about a 200 mile drive. After a bit more sleep we drove up the coast to Gorda and pack, about 70 miles each way, just to sight see, drive the PCH, see the elephant seals, eye up the green treeless hills. It looked like Wales. So cool. We got back to the Morro Bay campground in time to make dinner and go see the sunset at Montana Del Oro State Beach. Wound up playing a few songs with neighboring campers around their campfire before bed, then slept like dead until morning. A great day.