2016-11-12 Ross, CA

Saturday 11/12/16 11:48am
Driving out of Ross CA, headed up to the Lake Tahoe area for a gig tonight at Alibi Ale Works.

Yesterday we played a show at Winters Tavern in Pacifica again, part of a day long Americana fest for Veterans Day. James Larsen let us stay at his place in Ross.

Thursday we played a show in Blue Lake CA at Mad River Brewing, out in the big tent. We gave the six-pack of porter that they gave us to James. Spread the love.

Its been a long string of gigs it feels like of late, six weeks into this particular run. We had a few days off in the redwoods, but they were marred by van repair issues which always seems to be the case on days off. It was all compounded by the Trump win as well, the outcry and backlash online has added a heavy burden to an already challenging marathon wall, you know what I mean, that 20-mile mark where you hit the wall, but this time a bunch of external factors oil on as well.

I don’t feel like I have any pithy statements or commentary to add, so I’ve been desperately trying to hold off, but today I realized I may have been looking for an outlet, burying myself in work, all the usual escapist tendencies I’ve used in previous stressful situations. So I’m trying to grapple with that today. Figure out how to let some of it out.