001 - Installing BandMgr on your Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPad

BandMgr currently runs on Macintosh computers, iPhones, and iPads. We may create a version for Windows computers and/or Android phones at a later date.

Installing on Macintosh computers:
1) Attach to our Dropbox or Google Drive shared folders and download the BandMgr.dmg file.
2) Open the BandMgr.dmg file and drag the whole BandMgr 1.0 folder into your own DropBox, Google Drive, or iCloud folder so you can share the app across all your devices (Macs, iPhones, iPads).

From then on you will open the BandMgr app on your Mac by double-clicking the BandMgr app, or you can drag the app into your dock.

Installing on iPhones or iPad
1) Currently we are using the free Filemaker Go app to run BandMgr on iPhones. So step one is to download the FileMaker Go app from the App Store. Here's the link to the most recent version, Filemaker Go 16:

Once you have the FileMaker Go app installed, us its built-in App Extensions tool to log into our shared Dropbox or Google Drive folders and download the BandMgr.fmp12 file to your phone.

Once you have the file downloaded on to your phone, be sure to back it up regularly to your own Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud account regularly, or back it up to your Macintosh computer using iTunes.