015 - Using the "Notes" list to help track income and expenses

We added a $$ field to the Notes screen so we could enter in sort of ad-hoc financial data on the fly. Stuff like how many CDs we sold at a show, how many stickers, how many shirts, what we made in tips, stuff like that. It was never meant to be a full blown accounting package for doing our taxes or anything, it's just a place we can enter stuff quickly to track what we're making at gigs.

But that being said, you can use this $$ field however you like. If you want to track expenses you could add items with negative numbers. We usually only track income, but you could add things like gas, meals, lodging, supplies, posters, you name it. There's a total at the bottom of the column. And you can search by Note Type and Date Range to calculate specific totals, like all the CDs you sold in March for example. Or all the tips you made in August.

Here's a 2 minute video tutorial to show you what we mean.

(insert tutorial video here)