BandMgrX Programming Notes 11/20/2017

11/20/2017 - Monday
I've been adding features to BandMgrX this week in preparation for booking Julia McConahay on a college tour. Most of the changes have been to the fContact concept: So I can link multiple Bands to Notes and Gigs in order to create tracking reports for each band I book. Previously I'd only used it for booking Sugar Still, so this multi-band functionality wasn't really required.

So far I've added the following changes:
- Added a To Do List at startup, and added it to the Navigation Menu too.
- Added a "Days Out" field to the To Do List to enable To Do Lists into the future rather than just "Today or Earlier"
- Added fContact links to Notes so we can track notes by band
- Added fContact pop-up onto Contact Notes and Gig Notes
- Added a 7-day demo mode to make initial registration optional for 1st-time users
- Made the Max Radius Search field modifiable so you can search by any distance.
- Added an optional 7-day "unregistered" demo mode for first time users rather than requiring a registration.

There were several changes to the core field structure to facilitate these changes which means a complete export/import of data is required from previous versions of BandMgrX (rather than a simpler replacement of the UI file).
- Added ForContact_ID field to Notes table
- Added z_ForContactName field to Notes table
- Changed Menu_ID, Notes_ID, and FormLetter_ID fields from number to text format.
- Added new relationships in the Relationship Graph.