October 17, 2022 - Keep Writing, Damnit

I've been thinking that if I'm going to keep feeling like I should be writing more often, I should probably start writing to see what happens. So here goes.

It's been a busy but not busy few months, I've chosen to do very little but also do everything at once. I've only had two glasses of wine in the past 2 months as I explore sobriety. I've been doing guided online physical therapy for my shoulder. I've taken a new afternoon route at work driving up and down the central coast. I've been walking and biking and ordered a new smaller ebike. I ordered skateboard pads and went skateboarding. I replaced the foot pedals on my electronic drum kit and I've practicing more. I've been in therapy sessions for the past 5 weeks through the EAP at work and reading books on how to communicate more effectively. I've been walking by the ocean on a daily basis. Like I said, it feels like I've been doing very little, but also doing everything at once. I don't feel like I have any long term plans or goals, but I keep accomplishing small tasks day by day. I split one of my house plants into two pots yesterday and put up three small shelves for more plants. I updated the software on my website this morning. Stuff like that.

I'm driving a bus for SLO-RTA for a day job right now, currently on a the Route 15 in the afternoons between Morro Bay and San Simeon, driving all the way up to Hearst Castle if I pick up the Saturday shift, which I've done the past two weeks. It's a beautiful drive up and down 35 miles of coastline on HWY 1 with stops in Cayucos and Cambria, and I move maybe 10 people per day on the two loops that I do between 1pm and 8pm. I get an hour off between 3:50pm and 4:50pm when I usually take a walk down the shoreline in San Simeon, hanging out with the pelicans, seagulls, cormorants, sea lions, sea otters, and elephant seals. A few days ago I saw a couple dolphins. Last week I sat on a rock on the secluded beach I like and ate lunch with a sun bathing otter. I'm pretty happy with this arrangement. I've loved driving ever since I was four years old, some of my earliest memories are from traveling in my parent's campers, we drove all over the country and to Mexico. I saw all 48 states in the lower US before I was 12. I find I'm often at my happiest looking out the windshield at beautiful scenery.

Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about writing. I've been working through a lot of questions in my head lately. I figure, why not work on them in print as well.

An instagram post from a few days ago... back soon.