Oaks Pass Monetization Ideas

Monetizing OaksPass.com

How do people make money online?

Click throughs?
Articles, selling? Re-use?
Referral links?
Product sales margins
Drop shipped sales?
Selling SLOcal items
Social Media Eyeballs?
Digital Products
Maps? Itineraries?
Wedding Planning
Tour Guide
Tour Logistics
Concierge Service
Branded Content
Branded Clothing or products
Curated Products
QR Codes?
(Go Where the People Are?)
Scavenger Hunts
Singles Nights
Dating App?
Are We an App?

Mighty Networks Says This:

15 options for social media monetization (in order of value)
1. Online Community
2. Selling services
3. Courses
4. Mastermind Groups
5. Get a job
6. Physical products
7. Group coaching
8. Sell merch
9. Build an app
10. Patronage
11. Sponsored posts
12. Affiliate Marketing
13. Premium content subscriptions
14. Ads
15. Mix and Match