Will Oaks Pass Provide Results and Transformation?

OaksPass as Education & Community

Okay, so if one of the most direct ways to monetization is courses and community, how would we focus on that? And what are the pros and cons?

From Mighty Networks: "Here’s the thing about monetizing your social media: people will pay a premium price for results and transformation."

What are 20 Ways We Can Provide Results and Transformation for our Members?

Wine Making
Sommelier Training
Wine Collecting
Wine Tourism
Is Wine Tourism and Culture our focus? Clearly it's not currently a big part of my daily life.

My favorite example of community building website is FAWM.org because of the positive nature of the site, the comradery, the collaboration, the learning, and the productivity. FAWM.org has moderators and great personality to promote this style of interaction, and that seems to limit the trolls, haters, and disruptors. What are 20 Ways we can build that level of community?