OaksPass Raw Video Footage for Reels

Making Reels

Here are some ideas on getting and organizing video footage to make reels for OaksPass.com

In my head we'll get and label a bunch of raw footage across several categories that we can then dice up in 1000 different ways as we build our brand messaging in 20-30 second reels. I imagine storing this footage in labeled folders on Google Drive.

Wine Country Imagery
Scenic Vineyards
Tasting Rooms
Vineyard/Winery/Cellar Differences
Entrance Signs
People Drinking Wine
Related Activities such as
Wine Making
Food Pairings
Biking, Walking, Driving

Paso Robles Imagery
Rolling Hills
Back Roads
Tree Covered Roads
Route 46 Overlook
Hwy 46 Oaks
The Salinas River Valley
Desert Areas
Lake Nacimiento Reservoir
Local Hiking Trails
MTB Trails
Off-Road Areas
Landmarks like Vina Robles, Sensorio, Firestone Walker, Barrelhouse Brewing, Tin City
Hot Springs
Paso Downtown Lights and Nightlife

Cultural Oddities like
Kings Oil
The Longhorn Steer
Hearst Castle Zebras
The Goat Grazing Herd
Horse Ranches

Local Events
Concerts in the Park
Big & Small Music Events
MidState Faire
4th of July
Pioneer Days
Art in the Park
Class Car Shows
Bike Rides
Motorcycle and Car Club Rallies

Ocean Activities
Deep Sea Fishing
Whale Tours
Seals, Otters, Pelicans
Beach scenes
Hwy 1 Views
Cruises, Tours
Scuba, snorkeling

Active People in Groups

Wildlife & Farm Animals
Deer, Eagles, Hawks, Turkey, Shore Birds, Bear, Badger, Fox, Coyote, Vultures, Snakes, Rodents, Shellfish, Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Otters, Horses, Cows, Goats, Cats, Dogs.

In my head we have 100-200 short reels made in advance of launch that we can then load into some sort of automated release queue across all of our social media channels in a steady drip, whatever that amount is, one, three, or five per day for example.

Also, I envision re-using short video montages by over-laying them with different words, text, music, dates, event announcements, venue promotions, etc.