OaksPass Email Lists, Text Lists, Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Pages

I'm interested in Squeeze Page functionality, conversion rates, and comparison metrics across different channels, and this includes email and cell phone collection.

One thing I've seen vendors do in Instagram is pitch a product, get the click through, then offer 15% off your entire purchase for first time buyers that provide an email address. Even more compelling to me is that they follow that up with a text confirmation screen, which also completes the cell phone opt-in.

I would like a way to create these squeeze pages and then measure and compare conversion rates across large numbers of varying pages, let's say 100 differing pages to start.

I'd also like to open the discussion to determine which email campaign and texting (SMS) campaign systems will work best for us.

I feel really strongly that our email and phone lists will be our ATM machines of the future. And our metrics will help provide the prediction models for how much income each email and/or text campaign can generate.