What am I doing right now?

There's a cool site that suggests creating a "NOW" page on your site to help you focus and prioritize, check it out.
This is my NOW page.

  • Sugar Still is pretty much everything to me right now. Playing music with Sarah Blick is fantastic. We've played over 70 paid gigs since we started in January 2015, we're up to 2-4 paid gigs every week now, and we have 30 shows booked on our calendar. We're recording and releasing songs regularly, making better and better marketing materials (posters, one-sheets, cards, videos), and driving around the country in my 2000 Toyota Echo having a blast. I'm constantly thinking about how to book more shows, book better shows, tour to new places, travel more, sound better, be better entertainers, how to help us be more efficient. It's fantastic. Sarah is a dream musical partner, incredibly ambitious and driven, and equally talented as a songwriter, violinist, vocalist, and collaborator.
  • I'm living in an apartment Chicago currently, but plan to put my stuff in storage and go on an extended tour with Sugar Still starting February 10th, 2016.
  • I still do a little bit of Filemaker Pro consulting work for Corcoran Expositions and AMC Networks.

If my priorities or activities change I'll update this page. The last update was on November 22, 2015.